Menu, Items and Pages

- Add / Edit Unlimited Categories, Products and Product Preferences.

- Add Product Images.

- Setting up a set menu or optional/additional product for every item.

- Adding extra items for products and pricing them differently for every size.

- Creating different price for each size option.

- Specify allergen and additives for products.

- Advanced working hours system. (Open / Closed)

- Add Pages for Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Cookie Policy Etc.

- Link to Social Media Accounts.

- Contact Us Page, Google Map location.

Marketing Tools

- Loyalty Points: Customers can gain points to purchase products.

- Register Bonus($) and Points for each order (%)

- Unlimited push notifications.

- Unlimited e-mail sending.

- Happy Hour Promotions

- Discount for Takeaway.

- Discount for all products.

- Promote Items as Hot items on the main page.

- Creating Set Menus.

- Creating Daily Promotions.

- Social Media and Google Ads.

Delivery Options

Delivery Charges:

- Set Minimum delivery amount.
- Set Delivery Fee
- Set free delivery for more than certain amount.

Delivery Locations

Two different location option:

a) Area Based: Restaurant can select the areas for delivery and set the charges differently for each area.

b) Location Based: System detects the distance between restaurant and customers and apply the delivery charges according the charges assigned for the distances.

- Take away.
- Activate and De-activate delivery and take away.
- Order for future date and time.

Order Management

- App for Order Management.

- Audio notification when order received.

- Compatible with all thermal printers.

- Auto receive / sending emails for orders.

- Select delivery time and confirm the order.

- Notify customer with push notification and email that delivery is on the way.

Payment Options

- Cash on Delivery.

- Credit card on Delivery.

- Paypal.

- Stripe and Sofort.

- Google Pay and Apple Pay.

- PayTM, Wechat Pay.

- All local bank accounts.

Technical FeATURES

- Branded IOS and Android Apps.

- Control Panel and Dashboard.

- Order Management App.

- Hosting, SSL.

- Publish on your domain or on sub-domain.

- Multi Language Support for web, app and control panel.

- All user data and reports can be exported and purchasable thermal printer options.

Build your restaurant's mobile app today!